Holyrood opposition parties should work for Scotland not against each other


By a Newsnet reporter

The SNP has called on Labour and the Tories to get over their leadership issues and focus on working for a better Scotland.

The calls come as Labour hold their internal review into the party’s predicament north of the border and the Tories continue their dispute over their Glasgow list rankings and positioning for a leadership contest which will not complete until November.

The two main opposition parties have spent the summer in internal disputes and leadership wrangling and have yet to come to terms with the emerging Scotland.

Since the election on May 6th both Labour and Tory leaders have resigned but have not yet left, there are no clear replacements and in Labour there are now calls for failed Labour boss, Iain Gary to stay on as caretaker.

Labour has seen a particular dismal summer with differences between Westminster MPs’ on the direction the party should take.   Holy rood MSP and shadow Justice Minister James Kelly heavily criticised the party organisation for the Scottish elections, describing Labour as being in a fight for survival.

The Tories have also been riddled with continuing internal dispute with potential candidates positioning for the Scottish leadership contest.  Several ‘party stalwarts’ are still at loggerheads with the senior party over the decision to replace lead candidate Malcolm MacAskill with Ruth Davidson, who went on to become the party’s sole Glasgow MSP.

Commenting, SNP MSP for the South of Scotland Aileen McLeod said:

“Whilst the SNP’s momentum continues since the election in May and the party is continuing to work hard in Government, it is clear that the opposition parties are still in a state of complete disarray.

“All we’ve seen from Labour or the Tories since May’s election is bitter infighting which serves nobody well. “

Ms McLeod called the lack of any clear candidates in Labour’s leadership election “an embarrassing fiasco” and added:

“Instead of internal feuding, the opposition parties should be concerned with standing up for their constituents, and working constructively with the SNP Government to deliver progress and improvements for Scotland.”