SNP condemns MoD attitude to Scotland over nukes


Yesterday we reported on a report by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) that Trident nuclear submarines would not be reloacated to Devonport in the event of Scottish independence, due to the risk to the local population in an accident were to occurr.

According to the MoD, the dockyard at Devonport is in a densely populated area and, if there were an accident, thousands of people would be at risk of death from the blast and subsequent radiation.

The worst accident scenario envisaged by the MoD would kill up to 11,000 people in Plymouth and would not meet the official criteria for what is acceptable risk to life, according to a new report.

Commenting on the report that the MoD claims it wouldn’t station Trident nuclear weapons in Devonport because the “density of population creates too great a risk” Angus Robertson, SNP Defence Spokesman, said:

“Ironically the UK government is content to dump Trident nuclear weapons near Scotland’s biggest city, but is unwilling to station them on the south coast of England – for safety reasons. That speaks volumes for Westminster’s attitude to Scotland.

“One of the biggest benefits of an independent Scotland will be the ability to remove Trident from the Clyde – and the Faslane base will have an important future as a conventional military base.

“Scottish public opinion and a majority of the members of Scotland’s Parliament are strongly opposed to nuclear weapons being based in Scotland, and only a Yes vote in 2014 can guarantee Trident’s removal.”