SNP continues to lead Scottish Parliament voting intentions


The SNP continues to hold a substantial nine point lead in the latest Scottish Parliament poll published today, more than seven years after taking office.

The Ipsos MORI poll found that amongst those certain to vote, 39% would back the SNP at the next Scottish Parliament election, 30% would back Labour, 14% would back the Tories and 5% would back the LibDems, the same as would back the Scottish Greens.

The poll also shows that satisfaction levels in party leaders involved in the No campaign were in negative figures, compared to First Minister Alex Salmond’s net satisfaction level of +5 and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s rating of +13%.

The poll put Johann Lamont on -1, Ruth Davidson on -5, Alistair Darling on -16, Willie Rennie on -20 and David Cameron on -36.  Scottish Green co-convenor Patrick Harvie was on +6.

Commenting, SNP Business Convener Derek Mackay MSP said:

“This is a fantastic poll that shows the SNP is continuing to win the backing of people in Scotland, more than seven years after first taking office.

“That is a huge vote of confidence in the SNP’s record in Government and shows that people across Scotland continue to trust the SNP to deliver on their priorities.

“This poll is also a significant blow to the No campaign, with every anti-independence leader asked about securing negative satisfaction ratings – in contrast to Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon’s positive ratings.

“It shows that as the No campaign descends into deeper and deeper levels of negativity, people in Scotland have lost faith in anti-independence politicians.”


Ipsos MORI surveyed 1, 003 people in Scotland between 26 May and 01 June and found the following results:


Scottish Parliament voting intentions (change on previous Ipsos MORI poll in brackets)

SNP: 39% (+1%)

Lab: 30% (+1%)

Con: 14% (-3%)

LD: 5% (-4%)

Green: 5% (+3%)

UKIP: 4% (+1%)


Leader satisfaction ratings (change on previous Ipsos MORI poll in brackets)


Alex Salmond

Satisfied: 49% (+4%)

Dissatisfied: 44% (-3%)

Net rating: +5% (+7%)


Nicola Sturgeon

Satisfied: 51% (+3%)

Dissatisfied: 38% (-1%)

Net rating: +13% (+4%)


Patrick Harvie

Satisfied: 35% (+5%)

Dissatisfied: 20% (-1%)

Net rating: 15% (+6%)


Johann Lamont

Satisfied: 38% (-2%)

Dissatisfied: 39% (+5%)

Net rating: -1% (-7%)


Ruth Davidson

Satisfied: 32% (-2%)

Dissatisfied: 37% (+1%)

Net rating: -5% (-3%)


Willie Rennie

Satisfied: 20% (-2%)

Dissatisfied: 40% (+6%)

Net rating: -20% (-8%)


David Cameron

Satisfied: 30% (-1%)

Dissatisfied: 66% (+2%)

Net rating: -36% (-3%)


Alistair Darling

Satisfied: 34% (-4%)

Dissatisfied: 50% (+8%)

Net rating: -16% (-13%)