SNP describe new anti-independence site as a ‘panic reaction’


The SNP has responded to the launch of a new campaign, that aims to keep Scotland in the Union, by describing it as a “panicked reaction”.

The campaign, onedynamicnation, is the brainchild of a Tory councillor and two others and claims to offer ordinary Scots the chance to have their say in the constitutional debate.

Awareness of the site was raised after BBC Radio Scotland interviewed co-founder, Tory councillor David Meikle, on radio on Friday morning.  The site claims that most of Scotland’s block grant is paid by taxes “collected across the UK” and Scots are “physically safer” by being part of the Union.

The SNP responded to the news of the “grassroots campaign” by claiming it showed the complete disarray and lack of direction plaguing the pro-Union parties in Scotland.

Commenting, SNP Campaigns Director Angus Robertson said:

“The SNP welcomes informed discussion and debate about independence and our constitutional future.  Unfortunately this Tory-front doesn’t look like a vehicle that will add much to the conversation apart from the usual negativity.

“This appears just to be panicked reaction to recent polls putting support for independence ahead, and the positive vision for Scotland being pursued by the Scottish Government.

“This is meant to be a cross-party campaign but at a time when both the Labour Party and Tory Party are dogged by bitter infighting, I fail to see how they’re going to manage to put forward a united front when they can’t even manage it within their own parties.

“It is clear to see from recent polls that support for independence is increasing, with a growing number of people determined that this country should aspire to a better future, taking responsibility for our own affairs.”