SNP elect new Glasgow Council group leader


The SNP group at Glasgow Council has announced the election of a new group leader.  Councillor Graeme Hendry has been elected the SNP Leader, replacing former leader Allison Hunter.

Also elected was Councillor Billy McAllister who remains Deputy Leader.  Councillor David McDonald has been elected as Business Manager.

Following the local government election earlier this month, where the SNP Group increased to 27 of Glasgow’s 79 councillors on an increased share of the vote, all positions were open for nominations.
Speaking after the AGM, new Leader of the Opposition, Councillor Hendry said: “I would like to thank my fellow councillors for placing their faith in me and in the rest of the leadership team.  Our work begins now to put in place a team of spokespeople from this talented group which will continue to hold Labour to account and start the process of developing ideas that will help this great city.
“Our positive vision for Glasgow saw our group increase to 27 councillors – more than one third of the total.  Just a few years ago the SNP had one member out of 79, but we have continued to grow and will look to build on this solid foundation as we move forward. 
“We were the only major Party to see our number of first preference votes grow in Glasgow, though we recognise that there is much for all Parties to do in building links with the people of our great city.  I am looking forward to the twin challenges of holding Labour to account on their uncosted manifesto and ensuring the Council connects better with the people of Glasgow.”
Following her decision to stand down as Group Leader, Councillor Allison Hunter congratulated Councillor Hendry: “Graeme will make a formidable leader for the SNP in Glasgow.  With his years of Council experience behind him and a vibrant and talented group of councillors to lead, I am sure that he will be a great asset to Glasgow and the SNP in this role.”