SNP routemap only the start of the journey


Scottish Greens are describing the Scottish Government’s White Paper on independence, published today (26 Nov), as the start the journey towards a better Scotland.

Patrick Harvie, Green MSP for Glasgow and co-convener of the Scottish Greens, said:

“The White Paper is a hefty document that deserves serious consideration. It’s simply not credible for Better Together campaigners to dismiss it out of hand within seconds of the launch.

“With Green Yes the Scottish Greens have already begun to outline a compelling vision of the future with a rebalanced economy, high quality jobs and a peaceful international outlook. With today’s White Paper the Scottish Government has provided the routemap for the start of this exciting journey.”

Patrick added:

“Today’s launch struck an ambitious tone, just as it should. The SNP as the party of government have the responsibility to lead Scotland in post-Yes negotiations, but they must achieve a mandate in 2016 if they want the right to implement all their policies in an independent Scotland.

“Of course, voting Yes or No is only the first choice we face. If we say Yes we open up all sorts of opportunities to achieve a better Scotland.

“For those who are already convinced that a fairer future can be won, it’s time to seize this moment and deliver the Yes votes in our communities. For those who remain unsure, they should now ask more questions of the No campaign and how they intend to deliver a better Scotland.”