SNP to raise issue of leaked Lossiemouth memo


Moray MP and Westminster SNP leader Angus Robertson MP has confirmed he is to raise the issue of a leaked defence document in the House of Commons which states that Tornado forces are to be centralised at RAF Marham in Norfolk.

The information is contrary to assurances by Prime Minister David Cameron and Scottish Secretary Michael Moore, who have claimed that no decisions have been taken.

The defence document leaked to Mr Robertson states that: “Tornado Bases – Fleet to be centralised along with the aircrafts depth maintenance at RAF Marham by 31/10/11 TBC”.

It is widely reported that only one of the two current Tornado bases, RAF Lossiemouth or RAF Marham will survive current UK government cuts.

Speaking about the leaked defence document Mr Robertson said:

“UK Ministers are saying one thing while the complete opposite is emerging from the Ministry of Defence.

“I hope that Prime Minister David Cameron and Scottish Secretary Michael Moore are being straight with Moray and Scotland when they say that no decision has been taken.

“The military ordering democratically elected decision-makers around is what happens in a banana republic and shouldn’t happen here.

“If London ministers withdraw the RAF from Lossiemouth they will have cut service numbers in Scotland by more than 25% and would compound the disaster for Moray following their daft decision to close RAF Kinloss.”

Speaking about the grounding of a nuclear submarine off Skye Angus Robertson said:

“The grounding of a nuclear submarine off Skye is a serious issue and raises concerns about a lack of vital cover normally provided by Nimrod aircraft.

“Journalists are reporting that US P3 Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft are having to operate from Scotland to cover the gaps that Nimrod used to fill. If true, this exposes the folly of David Cameron’s decision to scrap the Nimrod MRA4 program and close RAF Kinloss.”