SNP votes will achieve progress for Scotland says Sturgeon


by G.A.Ponsonby

Scotland’s deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that only positive policies will ensure the best possible future for Scotland.

Speaking as the election campaign entered its final week the SNP’s Deputy Leader insisted that a strong SNP vote would ensure progress could be made to deliver jobs for Scotland.

Ms Sturgeon, who is the candidate for Glasgow Southside, highlighted her party’s 5 year council tax freeze, protection of the NHS budget and a focus on creating jobs as the campaign moved into its final stages.

Campaigning in the Glasgow Southside constituency, the SNP Depute Leader and Deputy First Minister said:

“The SNP’s campaign has focused on our positive record in Government, our strong team with Alex Salmond for First Minister, and our vision for Scotland’s future.

“Only an SNP Government will freeze the council tax for the whole of the parliament, saving average families over £1,200 since 2007, invest more resources in the NHS, support our youngest children and families with new Sure Start centres, and deliver 25,000 apprenticeship places a year.

“It is only a vote for the SNP and Alex Salmond for First Minister that will deliver a Scottish Government and Parliament focused on jobs, fairness and opportunities for Scotland.  Voting SNP in both the constituency and list votes are vital to achieving an SNP Government and progress for Scotland.”

Ms Sturgeon said that new economic powers for Scotland would allow the SNP to protect and grow the economy and added:

“The stronger the vote for the SNP, the more progress we can achieve for Scotland – including strengthening the Scotland Bill currently going through Westminster so that it has real job-creating powers.

“The SNP has a record to be proud of in Government, a strong team, and a vision for a fairer and independent Scotland.  And with a vote to re-elect the SNP and Alex Salmond as First Minister, all Scots can secure the leadership we need to build a Scotland better.”

The deputy First Minister also dismissed Labour leader Ed Miliband’s latest attack on the Scottish National Party saying:

“The last time Ed Miliband visited Scotland, Labour’s slide in the polls started.  This election is about what is best for Scotland – and the SNP’s positive policies such as the Council Tax freeze – and it is patently obvious that Ed Miliband isn’t interested in Scotland.  He is only interested in what’s best for Ed Miliband in London.

“As Labour get more desperate, their attacks get more negative – and as they get more negative, they lose more support.  London are clearly now in charge of Iain Gray’s negative campaign, and Ed Miliband simply sounds desperate.

“The Westminster Government Ed Miliband was a member of crashed the economy, and a re-elected SNP Government will continue to strengthen Scotland’s recovery and boost jobs – including our record 25,000 apprenticeship places a year, which Labour voted against.”