SNP welcome endorsements


With less than 24 hours until the polls open the SNP have received a wide array of endorsements.

SNP campaign manager Angus Robertson has welcomed the support of the SNP election campaign from every sector of Scottish society.

“There are many threads to the Scottish tartan, and every single one of them is represented in the huge backing we have seen for the SNP in this election campaign.

“From people in the arts and creative industries such as Brian Cox and Alan Cumming, to some of the the towering figures of the Labour Movement like Tommy Brennan, Dennis Canavan and Bashir Maan, to those representing our food and drink sector like Audrey Baxter and Lady Claire Macdonald, people recognise the need to re-elect an SNP Government.”

Welcoming the endorsements, Mr Robertson said:

“This is Scotland’s election to elect a Scottish Government working to create jobs, opportunity and fairness for all – and I am delighted that so many people from so many different sections of Scottish society are rallying to the SNP ahead of polling day.

“All of these endorsements are hugely welcome, and importantly they show that the SNP is a party for the whole of Scotland – with many people across the country set to vote for the SNP for this first time this week to secure a five-year Council Tax freeze, a protected NHS budget and keeping 1,000 extra police on our streets.”