SNP welcomes East Coast rail announcement


Scotland’s Transport Minister Keith Brown has announced there will be no cross-border train ‘hub’ and instead plans will be put forward for enhancements to the railway service on the East Coast Mainline.

Mr Brown, who travelled by train to Dundee to announce the move, said: “The Rail2014 consultation set out to ensure rail users in Scotland were given a voice in how their service develops. That is why we listened when passengers in the north of Scotland told us they are happy with the direct service to and from England.

“Of course, I appreciate why there were concerns but it is right that we give a full appraisal of the options and then let people have their say and I am very pleased to confirm that this has resulted in the continuation of direct cross-border services for the north of Scotland.”

Dundee City West MSP Joe Fitzpatrick welcomed the announcement and said:

“I warmly welcome this news. My constituents can continue to travel to England without having to change in Edinburgh.

“Having encouraged people to take part in the Rail 2014 consultation, I am pleased that The Scottish Government has listened to the views put forward.

“This announcement is a strong signal of the SNP Government’s commitment to a vibrant and accessible East Coast line.”

Angus MP Mike Weir added:

“An agreement has already been reached between the Scottish and UK Governments to safeguard the future of the Sleeper service, and I am pleased that the UK Government have committed to allowing Scotland more of a say in the future development of cross-border services.”