So, the independence referendum campaign – how was it for you?


By a reporter

So, the referendum campaign – how was it for you?

Writer Peter Arnott and journalist Angela Haggerty joined podcast host Derek Bateman to reflect on the year that’s gone, one year after Scotland woke up to discover it had voted no to independence.

Nobody knew what might follow, and certainly not the massive growth of the losing party and its subsequent sweeping victory at the UK polls in May.

Today activists, commentators and Yes and No campaign veterans still don’t know what might happen next. Jeremy Corbyn’s sweeping takeover of British Labour, the SNP’s dalliance with “IndyRef2”, Dugdale’s arrival as Scottish Labour leader apparently destined to defeat at next year’s Scottish Parliamentary election…and on it goes in the carnival of Scottish politics.

Arnott, Bateman and CommonSpace editor Haggerty had unique perspectives on the referendum and all that happened next. Listen to them chat about their memories and their experience of the last 12 months, looking ahead to the next. You can hear the conversation by clicking on the audio file above.

Playwright Peter Arnott has written what he describes as “a Scottish Western’, his first novel: Moon Country; Vagabond; £9.95.

Angela Haggerty is Editor of CommonSpace, a digital news and views service owned by the think-tank Common Weal.