Socialist Voice hosts second forum


The Voice, which was first published in 1996, is the only socialist paper edited, published and printed in Scotland, and proudly campaigns under the twin banners of independence and socialism.
We offer a unique mix of news and comment which both reports and supports those struggling for democracy, workers rights and social justice in Scotland and across the planet, while also offering space to discuss the alternative to the neoliberal dominance of today.

However, as the battle for Scotland’s future heats up, the role of the Voice takes on a heightened importance and reflecting that fact, from our next issue on 14 March, we will be expanding our size from 12 to 16 pages, improving our ability to cover events and support those in struggle. And still at the bargain price of £1!

Alongside our traditional role as a paper, the Voice is also playing its part in the rising tempo of debate on the need for democratic and social change by hosting a series of forums looking at key topics facing the progressive left.

Our first forum in Edinburgh in December was packed and brought together a range of speakers from differing viewpoints including Greens, the peace movement, left nationalists and SSP to respond to the Scottish Government’s independence White Paper.

We are now hosting our second forum, again in Edinburgh, on 8 March to look at the key task of mobilising the potentially thousands of voters particularly in Scotland’s working class communities who, polls indicate, back independence.

The forum – ‘Yes beyond Salmond: why voting Yes doesn’t make you a nationalist’ – will discuss not just the case for a Yes vote but the policies needed to convince voters that doing so will make a real difference to their lives.

Given that support for Scottish independence is strongest among the working class majority of voters, the task of mapping out a future beyond a Yes vote which aims to shift wealth and power in favour of that majority is central to the outcome in September.

It is essential that the debate moves beyond the stale Cameron vs Salmond knock about and offers a realistic vision of the alternative on jobs, wages, workers rights, the environment and peace which can be opened up by a Yes vote. Places at the forum are limited so we urge readers to apply for tickets and join this key debate.

Scottish Socialist Voice Forum: ‘Yes beyond Salmond: why supporting independence doesn’t make you a nationalist’. Sat 8 March, 10am-2pm, The Martin Hall, New College,  Edinburgh University. Get free forum tickets at or email:

The Forum is jointly sponsored by Edinburgh University Scottish Socialist Party Students Society.