Songs for Scotland – a Concert for Yes


A group of musicians, designers and online activists have gathered together to present a live concert featuring top Scottish singers and songwriters, and to create a downloadable album of songs in support of a ‘Yes’ vote on September 18th. 
The unique project is using crowdsourcing to sell tickets for the gig at Oran Mor on 3rd September, just before the historic poll, and aims to bring music and culture to the very forefront of the referendum campaign.

With a stellar lineup of some of the finest traditional folk musicians as well as contemporary singers including the phenomenal Lady Alba, the concert is sure to be a sell-out.

Promoter Mike Small says: “This is a unique time and a special moment, that needs to be marked by more than stats and infographics. We felt the indyref campaign needed some more soul and culture and the response has been amazing. Everyone remembers when Sheena Wellington sang A Man’s a Man at the opening of the parliament, we want to access some of that same energy, feeling and authenticity.”

Producer Kevin Brown added: “The response from our singers and musicians has been great! Our thinking has always been to create a cross genre concert, with singers all the way from folk and trad to Gaelic hip-hop — yes, you heard that right. September 3rd promises to be an amazing night.”

The lineup includes: Emily Smith, Ewan McLennan, Siobhan Miller, Kathleen MacInnes, Eilidh MacKenzie, Findlay Napier, Lady Alba, Adam Ross of Randolph’s Leap, Loki, with Rebecca Wallace. Other prominent singers will be announcing their participation soon.