Spirit that defeated Thatcher can energise Yes campaign says Fox


   By a Newsnet reporter  

The same spirit that drove Thatcherism out of Scotland must be harnessed by the Yes campaign to ensure that Tory policies are not forced on Scotland a second time by the Tory led coalition, Scottish Socialist Party leader Colin Fox has warned.

Speaking ahead of the Scottish Socialist Party’s annual conference in Edinburgh this weekend (Saturday 20th April) the former Lothians MSP said:

“The vast majority of Scots rejected Thatcher and reject her anti-working class policies of deindustrialisation, rampant inequality and greed. Yet her disciple David Cameron threatens a rerun of the Thatcher era as Scotland faces the worst economic crisis since the 1980’s and the bedroom tax is forced down our throats by a Government again with no mandate here.

“The Scottish Socialist Party is to the fore in opposing this hard nosed government but we also realise that the only sure way to permanently break their grip on Scotland is to vote Yes next year.”

The party’s conference will take place in Augustine’s United Church in Edinburgh on Saturday, and at midday will feature a speech from former Labour MP and MSP Dennis Canavan, who now chairs the Yes Scotland campaign.  The conference will also host speakers from the Radical Independence campaign and Women from Independence.

Speaking about his party’s commitment to work closely with other pro-independence groups in order to achieve a Yes vote in next year’s historic referendum, Mr Fox said: 

“In an independent Scotland the Tories and their Lib Dem friends would be reduced to museum pieces.

“The SSP is an integral part of the YES campaign because we want to see an independent socialist Scotland where the vast majority no longer face poverty, unaffordable fuel bills, sackings and the worst fall in living standards in 80 years.

“To achieve that goal we need to harness the radical majority and provide a vision of a different Scotland based on putting the needs of people and planet before that of bonus craxed bankers and the rich.

“We will continue to work with other independence groups such as the Greens and the Radical Independence Conference. And our conference this weekend will fully debate how we can best achieve our goal.”