SPT criticised for increasing high salary earners


Commenting on reports in yesterday’s Sunday Post that SPT has increased number of people earning high salaries, Sandra White MSP has hit out at the Labour run organisation which was previously dogged with revelations over the misuse of taxpayers’ money.

Commenting SNP MSP for Glasgow Sandra White:

“SPT clearly still has lessons to learn about its salaries and management.

“When it should have been sorting itself out and cutting costs, it has increased the number of people on high salaries.

“The number of people earning over £80,000 has nearly doubled in one year and the number on over £50,000 has increased by 25%.

“SPT was condemned this week for its failure to manage the public’s money properly.  It looks like nothing has changed.  With senior figures involved in the expenses scandal still employed and on the board as SPT’s Chief Executive and Vice Chair the organisation still has real questions to answer for the people of Glasgow.

“SPT is one of few organisations in Scotland run by Labour – and if it is run like this they are clearly not up to the job.”