SSP referendum meeting halted after pro-Union protestors berate locals


  By a Newsnet reporter
A public event to discuss the referendum, arranged by the Scottish Socialist Party, has had to be abandoned after a band of flag waving Unionists showed up outside the venue and berated locals.
Police were called to the event which was being held in the Drumchapel Community Centre after the mob turned up unexpectedly and began to hurl abuse at attendees.

The event was scheduled to take place at 7pm on Tuesday, but had to be cancelled as fears for safety grew.  Staff at the centre turned away local residents as they arrived, while police fenced in the 20-strong loyalist contingent which included young children.

Mostly clad in blue and red, waving Union Jacks, some shouted at local residents attending the meeting, saying they were ‘not welcome in Drumchapel’. 

At one point a furious Unionist was hauled away by police after losing his temper and shouting at attendees.  At about 7.20pm the public meeting was dispersed by SSP officials while police watched over the loyalist protest. 

Earlier in the year, the SSP hosted a similar meeting in the same venue, which was left undisturbed.

Scottish Socialist Party West of Scotland spokesperson Richie Venton said: “Our socialist case for independence has been delivered to venues across Scotland to halls packed full. This was our final meeting in a series we’ve had in Drumchapel.

“Our message, far from being nationalist, was one those who intimidated workers tonight would have identified with – one that identified the source of local unemployment, poverty, reliance on food banks and rising heating and electricity prices as the Westminster blue, purple, yellow and red parties of ‘Better Together’.

“Those demonstrating may have learned that their support for a Westminster regime was impoverishing themselves and their communities.  But what they should know is we shall continue to fight against austerity and the tyranny of the tories over communities like Drumchapel, Govan, Easterhouse and indeed, Scotland.

“While a couple of the unionists were fairly reasonable in manner others dished out abuse, telling us to ‘fuck off out of Drumchapel’, where most of those at our meeting actually live!”

Despite displaying official ‘No Thanks’ placards, there was no evidence to suggest that the Unionist group were in any way connected to the official No campaign.

Mr Venton added: “Our message will not be crushed by misdirected unionist threats. Westminster divides and conquers. A Yes shall unite.”