SSP step up their campaign of public meetings backing Yes


In addition to the public meeting with Jim Sillars and Colin Fox in the Pearce Institute in Govan on Tuesday night the SSP has announced further meetings in the party’s building campaign to put the socialist case for a Yes vote in September.

They are:

Stirling University with former Labour MSP John McAllion and Radical Independence Campaign’s  Jonathon Shafi, 7 pm on Tuesday 1st April.

Wednesday 2nd sees Colin Fox and Jim Sillars putting the independence case at St Augustines, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh at 7 pm.

Thursday 3rd independent MSPs Jean Urquhart and John Finnie will join Colin Fox at Mayfield Centre ,Sunnybank Road, St Ninians, Stirling again at 7 pm.

Colin Fox said: ” The tide for a Yes vote is building and has boosted by the exposure of Westminster’s currency double dealing.

“The SSP is working all out to win a Yes vote and to mobilise the crucial working class majority in particular..

“The packed audiences at our public meetings shows that people want the facts not Westminster spin and that they are increasingly seeing through the scares and stunts and backing a Yes vote.”.

The meetings are free of charge and open to all.