SSP’s Fox blasts Labour hypocrisy over poverty


Scottish Socialist Party national spokesman Colin Fox today accused Labour’s Scottish Deputy Leader Anas Sarwar of  ‘breathtaking hypocrisy’ after the Glasgow MP suggested Independence supporters should ‘concentrate on poverty and the redistribution of wealth instead of constitutional issues’.

Speaking ahead of an SSP public meeting in Drumchapel next week the former Socialist MSP quipped:

“Is it Groundhog Day? How many times is Labour going to show such breathtaking hypocrisy? 

“This is the party that scrapped the 10p tax band for the poor, the party that wants to scrap universal benefits such as free elderly care, free prescriptions and free bus travel, the party in Government that presided over the redistribution of wealth in favour of the rich.  Anas Sarwar is trying to hide the fact Labour supports 80% of the Government’s cuts in those essential public services working class people in Drumchapel rely on the most.

“The fact is Independence is about eradicating poverty and inequality or it is about nothing. Figures released this week * show one third of Glaswegian children living in poverty. Anas Sarwar must explain how on earth voting No in the Referendum will lessen poverty and inequality. Try as he might he cannot disguise the fact the United Kingdom is a failed state.

“The worst recession in 80 years is increasing inequalities and poverty throughout Scotland. The proposed ‘bedroom tax’ for example is yet another attack on the living standards of the poorest and most vulnerable in society where tenants in Drumchapel face losing 25% of their housing benefit.

“Britain is a state where rampant greed, corruption and exploitation at the top has led to greater fuel poverty, child poverty and widening inequalities for everyone else. Working class people in Drumchapel and elsewhere are being forced to pay for a crisis caused by the bankers and the rich.

“Independence means scrapping the bedroom tax, ending fuel poverty and freeing Scotland from the yoke of Westminster and the City of London’s indifference’.”

* ‘Campaign to End Child Poverty’ report: Barnardo’s, Children Scotland and Save the Children

Public meeting details:
‘Scrap the bedroom tax, end fuel poverty, for an independent socialist Scotland’.
Tuesday 26th Feb 7.30pm. Drumchapel Community Centre. Speakers Colin Fox and Sandra Webster, SSP.