Stirling Council’s Labour/Tory coalition condemned


Stirling Council’s SNP group has condemned tonight’s confirmation that Labour will form administration in coalition with the Tories despite the SNP being returned as the largest party in the recent local elections.

The SNP are also now the only party to be represented at every ward in the Stirling Council area.

The Labour and Tory groups allied to nominate a Labour Provost at tonight’s statutory meeting of Stirling Council, before Tories backed a Labour Party nominee for Council Leader and Labour backed a Tory nominee for Depute Leader.

Commenting, SNP depute leader Councillor Scott Farmer said: “It is disappointing given the progress made over the past four years of SNP leadership, which always sought consensus across parties, that we will now see Stirling Council roll back the years to a renewed period of Labour domination.

“The fact that it takes four Tories to gleefully prop them up will dismay supporters of both parties, and is a reflection of the desperate condition of the Tory Party in Stirling today.

“The SNP will nonetheless play a constructive role as an opposition: we will hold this Labour/Tory coalition to account, and extract the best deal possible for all the people of the Stirling area.

“However, there is no disguising the fact that this is a sad day for Stirling, when political principles  were sold by both Labour and the Tories just to keep the SNP from providing the leadership the people of Stirling voted for.”