Strathclyde University debate delivers win for Yes


Strathclyde University’s Student Association have held the first in a series of independence debates with a firm victory for Yes Scotland.

Students were balloted before and after the event with more than 60% saying Yes to independence at the end of an evening hosted by polling expert Professor John Curtice.  The students’ association will host two more debates prior to a mock referendum in April next year.

Yes Scotland sectoral groups advisor Toni Giugliano said: “Congratulations to the University of Strathclyde Students’ Association for the successful launch of their independence panel discussions.

“The referendum debate has awoken a national conversation that is taking place in universities, colleges, schools, community centres and doorsteps.  People who normally have no interest in politics are realising the significance of the 2014 vote and are playing a part.

“We’re also delighted with the result – a resounding win for Yes.  We firmly believe that the more people hear the arguments for independence, the more likely they are to vote for a Scottish Parliament equipped to tackle the challenges facing Scotland.”

At the start of the event the percentage of the audience of 66 indicating a yes preference was 56.5%, with undecided at 17.7% and a no preference of 25.8%.

After the debate, the Yes vote rose by + 4.1%, Undecided dropped by -2.5% and No fell by -1.6%.  The post-debate results were 60.6% yes, 15.2% undecided and 24.2% opting for no.

Last week a similar debate at Napier University saw the Yes team attract 80% of the audience vote. 

Both debates followed an event held in October at Abertay universities, which resulted in a dramatic swing for the Yes team which overturned a pre-debate vote of 59% against and 21% for independence, eventually winning by a margin of 51% Yes to 38% No.

Abertay debate and vote{/youtube}