Students say no in mock referendum


Students at one of Scotland’s top universities have said no to independence after a mock referendum.

The Glasgow university students were asked “Should Scotland be an independent country?” – 38% said yes whilst 62% said no.

Of the 23,000 students eligible to vote, only 2589 did so.

The result was welcomed by the no campaign student team who said that an appearance by Nicola Sturgeon had backfired on the yes camp.

Carys Hughes said: “It was because they did this, because they took the campaign away from the students, that they lost,”

She added: “Our campaign was led by the students and wasn’t consumed by party politics. We talked about the issues.”

Yes Scotland campaign head Blair Jenkins said the low turnout reflected the fact that many people remained undecided.

He said: “We have to remember that some 2,500 out of 20,000 students actually cast votes and this undoubtedly reflects the fact that a large section of the student and general population has yet to make up their minds.”