Sturgeon launches SNP’s Young Scots Fund


The SNP have released details of a “Young Scots Fund” of £50 million to work towards creating a national football academy and assist young people in the arts and business as part of their election package.

The Nationalists are the last of the “big four” Scottish parties to release their manifesto as they march towards potential re-election on May 5.

The party deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon revealed the young Scots fund prior to the manifesto launch noting its design to help people make the most of their potential in sport, business and the arts.

This large cash disbursement represents the outstanding part of the significant £250m Scottish Futures Fund that the SNP has pledged to create with savings from the new Forth bridge, who’s figures were originally reported as high as £4 billion under the last administration but are now projected to be completed under a fixed cost contract with the SNP at £790 million, ancillaries probably nudging the final cost over the £1 billion mark.

This substantial cash savings allows room for a centre for youth companies in Glasgow and improved sport facilities across the country as well as the proposed football academy.

Ms Sturgeon went on record: “This is a manifesto brimming with exciting and innovative policies to take Scotland forward, such as our Young Scots Fund, which we are confident will help re-elect an SNP Government working for Scotland.

This £50m fund will help more talented young Scots realise their potential, in sports, business and the arts.

There are many thousands of youngsters across the country who have huge gifts but never get the chance to make the most of them.

This fund will help change that by investing in the facilities we need to make the very most of our young talent.”

The Depute First Minister added that her party remains “determined” to make the most of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014, adding “we have to invest properly in our young, up-and-coming sporting talent.”