Survey shows Scots want own government at EU top table


  A new opinion poll shows that a majority of people want to see Scotland represented in the EU by the Scottish Government rather than Westminster.
The YouGov poll conducted on behalf of the SNP, found that when asked which government would be best at representing Scotland and Scottish interests in the EU, 50% of people in Scotland put their trust in the Scottish Government.

This figure compares to 39% for the Westminster Government, and 11% who are undecided.  Excluding the ‘don’t knows’ gives a figure of 56% backing the Scottish Government representing Scotland in Europe, compared to 44% supporting Westminster.

The EU survey is the latest significant boost to the Yes campaign and follows the Panelbase survey that showed the gap between the Yes campaign and the No campaign narrowing to just ten points.  The Sunday Times poll shows that the Yes campaign needs a swing of only just over 5% to secure an independent Scotland in September’s 2014 referendum – the narrowest gap in the campaign.

Welcoming the EU poll, SNP MSP Clare Adamson who sits on the European and External Relations Committee said:

“This is an important poll which makes clear that a majority of people in Scotland want our interests in Europe to be represented by the Scottish Government, rather than by Westminster.

“Coming on the back of the poll showing that the gap in the referendum is the narrowest it has been in this campaign – and that a swing of only just over 5 per cent will secure a Yes vote in September 2014 – this is another big boost to the Yes campaign.

“Successive Westminster governments, Labour and Tory, have bargained Scotland’s interests away in EU negotiations – even describing the Scottish fishing industry as ‘expendable’.

“People in Scotland know that Westminster is engaged in a referendum to exit the UK from the European Union and the single market of half-a-billion people – threatening Scottish investment, jobs, and our great export industries.

“The choice is between Scotland in Europe with independence, or isolation under the Westminster system.

“People in Scotland want a direct Scottish voice in Europe – and only a Yes vote in the referendum  can achieve this.”

The YouGov poll asked:  Which Government do you think would be best at representing Scotland and Scottish interests in the European Union?

The UK Government – 39%
The Scottish Government 50%
Don’t Know – 11%