Survey shows support for independence on increase


A Yougov poll for Scotland on Sunday shows support for independence has increased since the SNP’s historic win in May’s Holyrood election. 

The poll of 1075 adults in Scotland was conducted this week on the 26th and 27th October and shows a rise of 6% to 34% in those supporting independence with those against falling by 5% to 52% with 15% undecided or not voting.

The SNP described the poll as “excellent”.  Referendum campaign director Angus Robertson MP said the poll results continued the trend of increasing support for taking Scotland forward since May’s election.

Mr Robertson said:

“These are excellent figures, showing a growing number of people aspire to a better future for Scotland by taking responsibility for our own affairs.

“We are only at the start of the referendum campaign, yet support for independence has already increased by 6 points since May’s election – that is significant progress as voters realise the positive benefits independence can bring to their future and to Scotland’s future.

“As the campaign steps up, support for independence will continue to rise.

“This is the fourth poll since May’s election to show an increase in the number of people backing an independent Scottish Parliament.  Coming in the week after SNP conference where we launched our referendum campaign it’s clear that the SNP and our vision for independence is one shared with people across the country.”

The YouGov poll follows Mori, TNS and Comres polls all showing an increase in support for independence since May’s election.