Survey shows undecideds gave Salmond nod in TV debate


A survey carried out by the Guardian newspaper has shown undecided voters thought Alex Salmond outgunned his No campaign rival Alistair Darling in last night’s TV debate.

According to the ICM poll, most voters who started out as undecided before the debate said they believed Mr Salmond had won the televised head to head.

When asked who had won, the First Minister emerged victor by 55 to 45.  The margin increased to 74 against 26 in favour of Salmond when those who remained undecided were asked.

The results will be a blow to the No camp and many in the Scottish media who have been claiming victory for Mr Darling.  The ICM poll of all respondents gave the Better Together head victory by 56 to 44.

However that figure was dominated by voters who had already made their minds up which side they were voting for.

In a further blow to the No campaign it emerged a snap poll taken by ICM immediately after the debate showed support for Yes up 4 to 47 per cent compared with a recent July poll with backing for No down 4.