Synthetic anger and hissy fits, let’s get even at the local elections


By Alex Robertson
One gets a distinct impression of flying kitchen sinks this week. Between Mr. Trump’s hissy fit and the Leveson inquiry hearings of Tuesday and Wednesday, SNP have come in for an attempted pelting by the Unionist mob.  And it is disgusting and outrageous.
We have one week to run before the Local Elections and I suppose it is inevitable that stuff will be chucked in the SNP direction as fear stalks the corridors of the Unionist party campaign headquarters.

But let’s be clear: there is no substance whatever to either Trump or the nonsense served up at Leveson.  The Trump stuff is pure 100% unadulterated NIMBYism.

Considering that the SNP government has had the foresight to foster a new energy sector, providing many billions of income and many thousands of jobs and sparing us the horrors of nuclear power stations or spiraling oil and gas costs, it speaks volumes for the good government being provided by the SNP to the people of Scotland.

Mr Trump has every right to complain if he feels like it, but he is already totally discredited and is behaving like a schoolyard bully.

Then comes the synthetic fury emanating from the Labour and LibDem camps over two emails mentioning the First Minister in connection with support for BSkyB business. 

It is characteristic of Mr Salmond that he will speak up for any business in support of jobs in Scotland.  And because some public relations chap, paid to beaver away trying to drum up support for the Murdoch empire actually claims in an email to his boss to have delivered the goods, can surely be no surprise.

Mr Salmond has done what he always does, speaks and acts for Scottish interests in an entirely open, honest, legal and appropriate way.  He has never shied from that nor kept it secret.  It is something all Scots can be really proud of him for.

And then Labour, who sold their soul for Murdoch support, and the Lib Dems whose own MSP, [Jim Tolson], was allegedly lobbying the Westminster government in support of BSkyB and Mr Murdoch, now put on a shocked expression and cry “Shame”.

Mr Salmond denies lobbying Mr Hunt, and not a single shred of evidence has been produced that he did, other than the Murdoch minion who had a very strong interest in making the claims he did: namely that an adviser of the First Minister would call Mr Hunt to voice his support for the BSkyB bid.

It is all froth, all speculation and invention, and it signifies nothing.

Now put that against the revelation that even Labour backers now admit that the PFI scandal is costing Scots dear.  Contracts signed by the Labour/LibDem government ripped off Scots to the tune of many millions of precious public pounds.  Remember that when you go into the voting booth.

Remember too the arrogance of the Labour and LibDem parties in when it came to forcing through against the government wishes the hundreds of millions of public pounds, your pounds, on a tram system that nobody wants and which one day might finally trundle between Edinburgh airport and Haymarket.

Scots have been served a dish of waste, incompetence and stunning hypocrisy by the Unionist parties in local and well as central government.

Enough! Let is please throw the lot of them out into the street and let the sensible, sane and honest SNP do their best to put right what the Unionists put so terribly wrong.