Television debate will be ‘Team Yes’ versus ‘Team Tory’


Previewing the next television referendum debate – a panel debate on Scottish Television on Tuesday, in which Yes will be fielding Nicola Sturgeon, Patrick Harvie and Elaine C Smith – the Yes campaign contrasted this “Team Yes” with the “Team Tory” being led by Ruth Davidson, which is a “front” for the Westminster Tory government.

Also tomorrow, senior members of the Labour Party who support Yes will be campaigning in Bardrainney, Port Glasgow – including Inverclyde councillor Vaughan Jones, who declared for Yes last week – taking the Yes message to heartland Labour areas.

Blair Jenkins, chief executive of Yes Scotland, said:

“All of our canvassing and the polling information shows that the momentum in this campaign is with Yes. The ‘Team Yes’ we will be fielding in the debate reflects the diversity and broad appeal of the Yes campaign – and it contrasts markedly with the ‘Team Tory’ of the No campaign.

“Just as Alistair Darling was the stand-in for David Cameron in the TV debates, the No team in the STV debate are a front for what is a Tory-led No campaign and the UK government – they are ‘Team Tory’.

“The core democratic case for Yes is that Scotland always gets the government we vote for – the days of Westminster-imposed Tory governments will be gone forever if we vote Yes.

“That is why already more than 230,000 Labour voters are going to vote Yes – and we will be stepping up that effort with new recruits such as Cllr Vaughan Jones campaigning in heartland Labour areas.

“On the 18th, I believe that the people of Scotland will choose ‘Team Yes’ over ‘Team Tory’.”