‘Terrour cuikbuik’ screiver funn guiltie


bi John F. McDonnell

A businessman frae Portsmouth in the sou wast o Ingland is facin a lang streitch in the jyle efter bein fun guiltie at Winchester Croun Court unner seiven counts the Terrourism Act fur gaitherin an giein out witterins yuisfou tae terrourists.   Terrence Brown haed a wabsteid cryed the Anarchists Cookbook at tuik hits name frae an American counter-culture buik frae the 1970s.  

Brown yuised his wabsteid tae sell CDs conteinin the text o the oreiginal buik, plus thousans pages mair o instrucciouns frae Al Qaeda an Muslim extremist wabsteids lik the “Mujahideen Pysens Buik”.  CDs funn bi the polis in Browns hous heild chaipters cryed hou tae mak a letter bomb an hou tae intil a kintra illegallie as weill as instrucciouns on hou tae bigg improvysed explosive devyces.  The CD tellt readers hou tae mak detonatours, hou tae mak deidlie pysens an hou tae cairrie out assassinaciouns an aa.   

Throu the three weik tryal, the assyses haurd at ower fyve yeir Brown haed sellt monie thousans o the CDs til fowk frae aa ower the warld.  Ilka CD cost £24  an prosecutours estimates at Brown made tens o thousans o punn frae his traffeck.

Brown na-sayed til the court at he haed onie ettil o helpin terrourists.  He wis ainerlie interestit in makin siller, an wisnae couthie at aa wi terrourists.  Aa the witterins wud cud be funn fur free on the Internet, he claimed.

But Parmjit Charma fur the prosecucioun tellt the court at Brown sellt the CDs til onieyin, tuik cash in peyment an haed duin nae chacks on whaa wis buyin the CDs.  She tellt the court at Brown haed duin this een tho the CDs hauds lang screids at is gey yuisfou til onieyin plannin a terrourist attack.  Houeer the Inglis Crown Prosecution Service wis gart tae admit at it daesnae ken onie cases whaur fowk haes bene prosecutit on terrourist chairges kis o witterins funn in Browns CD.

Brown wis convictit o seiven counts o gaitherin witterins at cud hae bene yuised tae redd up or commit acks o terrourism.  He wis convictit an aa on twa chairges o sellin an giein out the witterins, an guiltie o anither chairge unner the Proceeds o Cryme Ack.

The court wis than tellt bi the juidge at Brown haed bene jyled afore fur an offense relatit tae counterfeit saftware.  Maister Juistice Blair conteinued the case fur sentencing til Fryday, an wairned Brown at he cud expeck a lang custodial sentence.

Wurds ye mibbie no ken

screiver – writer
witterins – information
wabsteid – website
intil (when used as a verb) – enter
na-say – deny
mak siller – make money
couthie – sympathetic
screid – written text
redd up – prepare