The case for an independent socialist Scotland


  With a year to go until the referendum the Scottish Socialist Party are to publish a booklet entitled ‘The case for an independent, socialist Scotland’ written by Colin Fox.

In this extract Colin Fox sets the scene for next years’ referendum:

On Thursday September 18th 2014 Scotland will go to the polls to decide whether to remain part of a political union that is ‘The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ or become the world’s newest independent country. The decision will have far reaching consequences either way.

For the British state, Scottish independence represents a profound loss of economic and political power and influence at home and abroad. Consequently it will do its utmost to stop that from happening. For the independence movement, the stakes are equally high. The referendum offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure self-determination for Scotland, to establish a left of centre social democratic state and free 5 million Scots from the yoke of British Imperialism.’

For the Scottish Socialist Party Independence is about change, fundamental change. Ours is the case for ‘Independence Max’. Our vision, outlined in this new booklet, is of a wholly Independent Scotland, a confident, aspirant, social democratic, new nation.

Independence provides by far the best chance of lifting our children out of the inescapable poverty that chronically affects one in three of them. It provides the best chance we have of eradicating fuel poverty and the hated bedroom tax. It provides us with the best chance of keeping Royal Mail in public hands and private healthcare companies away from our NHS. And it is our best chance of ending Tory rule over Scotland and introducing the progressive, social democratic programme a majority of Scots so desire.

And with the polls showing support for Independence growing fastest among C1, C2, C3, D and E demographic groups, i.e the poorest Scots, the booklet insists the ‘Yes’ campaign assures them they stand to benefit most from a vote for self-determination.

‘The case for an Independent socialist Scotland’ highlights the chance our country has to achieve full employment with a living wage and full trade union rights for everyone rather than suffering zero hours contracts, ‘underemployment’ and the worst anti union laws in Europe. Raising the quality of life for workers and raising taxes for the wealthy is part and parcel of the SSP’s redistribution and social justice agenda.

Those who suggest the Scottish working class would be better off remaining part of the UK appear to believe the Labour Party will lead the way to this social democratic Scotland. But this sad delusion is rather exposed by the facts. Labour’s refusal to abolish the hated bedroom tax, for example, far less the UK’s vicious anti-union laws prove that Ed Milliband is not part of the solution for Scotland’s working class he is part of the problem.

This booklet also re-iterates the SSP’s case for a modern democratic republic where we the people are sovereign and elect an accountable and representative Head of State not remain ‘subjects’ in a feudal monarchy.  And we see that republic fulfilling its obligations to the rest of the world with a seat at the UN but operating outside NATO and no longer possessing nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

The Scottish Socialist Party is proud of the role we have played in ‘Yes Scotland’ this past year and the broader independence movement over 15 years. And as this booklet again makes clear we are fully determined to work ‘flat out’ with all our partners to secure a famous victory next September.

Colin Fox

* To obtain a copy of  the SSP’s ‘The case for an Independent socialist Scotland’ send £5.00 incl p&p to SSP, Suite 370, 4th Floor, Central Chambers, 93 Hope Street, Glasgow G2 6LD

Copies can also  be purchased from the SSP stand at Saturday’s Independence March and Rally in Edinburgh