The dug’s own independence posters


By Paul T Kavanagh

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.   That’s not always true, given the choice between the 1995 Uzbekistan telephone directory or a framed photie of Labour’s front bench team, I’d go for the out of date phone book of furren pairts.  I could at least put it on my bookshelf and pretend to be cosmopolitan.

This week the Dug has something different for you.  He’s been playing with photoshop and came up with some poster ideas for the independence referendum.  The posters are reproduced below, but before you ask, they cannot be exchanged for an Uzbekistani phone book.  

Sadly, because so much time was spent this week subverting British WW2 propaganda and vintage advertising, I’ve not had time to update the A-Z of Unionist Myths.  The weekly updates will resume as normal next Sunday.

Feel free to use the images below on your Facebook page or website, but please give Newsnet Scotland a credit and a link, and no commercial use is allowed.  Newsnet plans to put these designs on sale within the next few weeks.  Keep reading Newsnet, details will be announced soon.


Attack of the Westminsterons

Che Salmond

Cybernats Think Independently

Dig for Independence

I’m a Cybernat and So’s Ma Dug

Independence Chemistry Set

Independence Is So Bracing

Jammy Independence

Keep Calm

Och Aye the News!

Scotland Needs Cybernats

Scotland Needs Disco Moustaches

Tide of Independence


Tory Interference

We Can Dae It!


And finally … as they say on Blue Peter: Here’s one I prepared earlier.  This final image was done the old fashioned way with pen and paper when an independence referendum was just a beautiful dream.
Celtic Scotland