The Establishment


Part 2 of a 3 article series

by Faux Cul

Scotland is not an issue with any of the London Unionist Parties until it becomes a problem for them, right here, right now. Then and only then will they act and predictably so. That is their strategic weakness.

Today it is the Tories, yesterday it was London Labour and Gordon Brown and tomorrow, who knows, maybe all three of them, probably.

In fact the real enemy is not the Tories, Liberal-Democrats or Labour. Do not overestimate their true ability to wield power, The Labour Lot, as we have just seen, couldn’t run a whelk stall and the Tories spent over £1 million pounds in the Westminster GE to elect one MP! The LibDems are a gonner with iDave 2 at the helm. The sore consequences of coming off that metaphorical fence are beginning to hurt their nether poll regions.

They, none of them, individually, collectively or associatively could run the structured campaign against independence and the SNP that we are seeing today. It will get ever louder as the 2011 Holyrood election nears. With Labour in charge of Westminster for 11 years, it was logical to think of the BBC being nuanced in their direction and in Scotland that would mean anti independence and SNP. However, now that Cameron is in 10 Downing Street you would think that the anti SNP bile would have subsided but it has actually intensified.

In England, by all accounts, the BBC have not taken a pro labour, anti Tory stand,  as it would, had it been run by Fabians and Communist fifth columnists. Just watch the BBC UK and Scottish news broadcasts and see the difference in the emphases of the two. The BBC doesn’t take orders from politicians and yet the politicians, no matter which colour, give them more and more money each year. Can anyone tell me of another arm of Government seemingly immune to austerity in this time of collective poverty? I can.

The enemy is the unseen one behind them, seen yet invisible, the one which controls the levers of State, the one sworn to uphold the Union come Hell or high water. Politicians come and go, governments come and go but they remain behind to continue their unseen work of herding the temporary incumbents, to give us our illusion of democracy. Certainly the incumbent politicians can decide this and that, paperclips or staples but, always within the limits of what the “they” permit. Today’s politicians give us today’s newspaper headlines, which become tomorrow’s fish supper wrappers. The all pervading direction of the body politic is theirs, not the politicians.

I once came across a little pocket book of Zen Lessons and in a daft minute bought it. My only excuse was that I was stuck in an airport somewhere waiting for a cancelled flight, which I somehow hoped would materialise, and the absurdity the whole situation hit me. I wandered about and bought the little book so that I would keep my cool, find a quiet spot to read and stop drinking at the bar.

Master Sun Tzu said: know your enemy, know yourself, and victory is never in doubt, not in one hundred battles.

This has long been accepted in both modern military and business philosophy. Know the enemy, know before them what they will do and when. Take them by surprise, confuse them, and fight an asymmetric war.

In fact we need to look at the Strategic Objectives of them, we need to identify them, categorise their importance, to them and us, and from this will flow an understanding of what they are doing to us, what they will do to us and how they will do it. This is the real Establishment which we all talk about but somehow never can define.

It is not as difficult as you might think, and once the smoke has been blown away and the mirrors reversed the true nature of the corrupt dying beast is there, in Technicolor Dorian Gray splendour, for all to see and it is not a pretty sight. I call these seen, yet unseen, The Imperial Undertakers.

So who is our enemy?
Why do they do what they do?
What do they think?
How can we stop him?

The British state only has three strategic objectives; one is about five hundred years old, the second a bit younger and the third less than a century old. Remember, just three, in all its years of existence.

If you find that hard to believe just think, the Civil Service is a hierarchy and hierarchies are appropriate for a steady state administration. They are incapable of thinking on the hoof and decisions which affect a change of direction can be measured in years, decades or even centuries of internal debate. To make that easier to understand, just think of the Roman Catholic Church which in evolutionary terms is still at the dinosaur stage. The British Armed Forces which are still thinking about fighting the last war, whatever type it was. Hierarchical organisations don’t change they just nuance their way forward.

Just think of interminable committees and stultifying bureaucracy and you get my picture. Nothing changes, because it is so constructed for it not to happen, unless it itself is threatened, and then change can only happen at a snail’s pace.

These strategic areas of prime importance to them are, the following;

The Strategic relationship and influence that Britain has with respect to
1. Empire
2. Europe
3. USA


It is quite simple really. Grasp that and we are halfway there.


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