The Establishment


Part 1 of a 3 article series

by Faux Cul

What I see, even clearer than before, is that the mask is cracking and slipping from the collective face of unionism.

We always knew that the standard bearers of the unionist parties were in thrall and owe their allegiance to, a foreign land. What was not so evident to me, until now, was that so embedded are they in the web of subjugation that they have become hostage to it.

They have now manifested that they have no allegiance to Scotland or its people. They would rather be a galley slave in a leaky union life boat with their “mortal” Westminster adversaries than be on the ship of state of Scotland. They work, not for the people of Scotland but for their London masters and of course, the linings of their own pockets.

They are after all, the bastard offspring of the “parcel o’ rogues” of the Treaty of Union in 1707.

They are in the unionist prison, they think as guardians but are in fact the real prisoners, only they do not know it. When we are free, they will have to live out their lives in that metaphorical gaol. They have nowhere else to go, except due south.

Devolution has simply failed.

I know that it was set up to do so, to permit an infinite LibDemLab administration which would be an HMV ventriloquist’s dummy for Whitehall. The fact that the SNP took the most seats in 2007 unsettled them, as they had no plan B ready. Gordon Brown’s silence after the election results spoke volumes.

They weren’t ready for us and that should be our first lesson on how to tackle them. They are the today’s political dinosaurs and dinosaurs were not noted for their ability to adapt and evolve.

They could not form a grand alliance against the SNP, as this would have given the game away of their real loyalties, far, far too soon. They are moving to that position now, buttressed by the indoctrination of their conditioning handmaidens, the servile press and BBC. Should that result of 2007 be repeated in 2011, they would have no hesitation on forming a grand anti SNP alliance, all in the name of more people who do not want independence than do. It will be banged into our heads until we get it!

Democracy in action? don’t make me spit.

Their unionist backs are against the wall. They have nowhere to go. Their democratic bag of tricks is near empty. From now on, it is all extra-democratic tricks and jiggery pokery.

What really frightens them is not that Scotland could be independent but rather, it is the ramifications that this would have on the Westminster Club of Liars and their Jockland Lackeys. The big lie would unravel for all to see. Scotland would take a different tack and, shorn of the vanity based international posturing projects of successive UK governments, with all the attendant costs and, would outperform the DisUKRump on all important fronts. We would be released from being bled alive by the Far Southern Louse. Westminster itself would be exposed to the English for what it really is, a political parasitic louse on the peoples of these islands.  All in all, Scottish secession could be the best thing that happened to the UK.

So, we have the three sworn enemies in our Westminster confrontational democracy, ganging up in an unholy alliance against their own, always assuming that these people recognise Scotland as something more real than a metaphorical permanent infant, clinging to the skirt of Mother England.

They could have, the two non Tory ones anyway, have entered into some sort of formal association to help steer the democracy of Scotland but, chose to stand outside the tent, shout abuse and try to pee in. It needs saying again, they chose not the path of influencing  Scottish democracy for the good of its people but, that of a Lying Moanin Minnie. They tried to do it down. To hell with any personal or collective morality or responsibility for, they were  only obeying their master’s orders

The Tories could not have been part of this “formal” partnership for Scotland, because the SNP’s constitution forbids such, but they actually were pragmatic in their approach, until. Until they were well and certain to pick up the Levers of State at Westminster and Aunty Bella started to go all over the shop in Holyrood trying to work out what her Masters in London actually wanted her to say and, how she could cover her ample derriere whilst that message was being written for her to parrot. Nobody bothered to tell her then, because iDave didn’t know what he wanted; Scotland did not figure on his radar as he, like Thatcher, figured out he could govern the UK without any representation from Scotland.

This is a spoof Tory poster I concocted for a blog last year.

I think I was right.

For the record, iDave didn’t actually say these words, not even in the George Bush sense that he thought them out loud. However, they reflect the underlying thinking of the Tories and the “Porridge W*gs” (with an ‘o’) soubriquet is used frequently in a number of English based blogs to describe Scots.

They can’t use the word “w*gs” to describe people from Africa, India, Pakistan or Iraq but Scots are fair game for that kind of abuse, or at least the BBC seems to think so. I digress, or do I?

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