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This week saw the Court of Session in Edinburgh reject the SNP’s bid to be included in the third and final leaders debate….

This week saw the Court of Session in Edinburgh reject the SNP’s bid to be included in the third and final leaders debate.

Lady Smith’s announcement will be remembered as the moment Scotland became a de-facto satellite region of England.  It also confirmed for many the belief that Scotland has not four, but five political organisations operating within her borders – BBC Scotland is our fifth political party.

The subsequent statement read out by BBC Scotland ‘Controller’ Ken MacQuarrie was a throwback to the days when Scottish nobles, eager to hold onto the baubles and titles bestowed upon them by a ‘tolerant’ Southern monarch, bowed and scraped their way through life afraid of their master’s wrath.

They had only to ensure that the natives were kept in check and did not rebel and a comfortable life and death awaited them.

Mr MacQuarrie’s announcement was not surprising, the fact that the SNP had been expelled and silenced from a debate broadcast throughout their own nation hadn’t compelled Mr MacQuarrie to utter anything hitherto – his empty words faded as BBC Scotland added its name to a modern day ‘Ragman’s Roll’.

This was merely a continuation of the disintegration of the Scottish arm of the state broadcaster as a blatant London centric and Unionist agenda has rendered it unfit for a modern Scottish democracy.

This general election campaign has seen the ‘fifth party’ use its full arsenal of weaponry as it strives to limit the progress of Scottish constitutional change.

The nuclear detonation of the leaders debate exclusion was the ultimate show of strength in this electoral ‘war’.  The devastating effect on Scottish democracy is viewed as mere collateral damage as cheers no doubt resounded and metaphorical high fives were exchanged at party HQ in Pacific Quay.

There have also been less spectacular but much more sinister guerrilla tactics employed by ‘the party’.  One of the best examples and one already cited by this very news site some weeks ago is the silencing by ‘Technical Difficulties’ (TD).

On Thursday night ‘the party’ again employed this stealth bomb as expectant viewers watched Reporting Scotland.  An item featuring the SNP had been promised later in the programme, however as the moment arrived a disarmingly smiling newsreader detonated the ‘TD’.  “We are unable to bring you the item due to technical difficulties” she said.

Impossible to detect, noiseless as it approaches and leaving no trace, the ‘TD’ is a kind of political jamming device that prevents nationalist ‘dissidents’ from broadcasting their ‘seditious’ messages to the ‘ignorant’ masses.  Ha, thought you could force your way into ‘our’ debates ‘the party’ sneered, here jocko’s, take that.

When added to the closing of online blogs and censoring of comment, the suppression of certain news stories (Purcell, Council corruption, Royal Security Leak), the manipulation of others (Megrahi, Trump, Lettergate) and the less than subtle nuances, selective interruptions, pejorative terms adopted by very many ‘party activists’ (AKA reporters) then the cumulative effect renders the Scots electorate pretty ignorant of Scottish current affairs and political events.

The UK has hit the rocks and is listing badly, a tidal wave of debt is about to engulf her.  The three dancing bears have danced to the tune of the London broadcasters and one will now be chosen to captain this economic titanic.

With Labour now dead in England ‘the party’ has ensured that attention is diverted from the rotting corpse in Scotland and away from the maggots who infested it and now eat away at its flesh.  They have also ensured that the very real alternative offered by the SNP has received scant attention.

This Sunday one of its ‘reporters’, Glenn Campbell, will host a ‘debate’ described by ‘the party’ as ‘The Scottish Leaders’ debate.  If it is anything like the last programme held at Pacific Quay and hosted by the self same Mr Campbell then it will focus on exactly what Campbell wants it to focus on.

The ‘tartan debate’ may make mention of Iceland and Ireland but not Norway.  Campbell may demand impossible to calculate figures from the SNP representative but will fail to question Labour on their very damaging tax proposals for Scotland.

The referendum on independence will probably be ignored as will fiscal autonomy as devolved issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with Westminster dominate.  The debate will be pretty much choreographed to minimise intelligent and informative discussion on Scotland’s constitutional future.

The winner of the whole charade will be ‘the party’ itself – it does after all see itself as king of the broadcasters and in this election it is they who are deciding who we hear, who we see and what is discussed.

The Union must survive, even at the expense of Scotland and her people, and ‘the party’ is the last bastion in its defence, ‘the party’ you see is not trying to win the election, the purpose of ‘the party’ is to ensure that the SNP don’t.