The Royal Wedding – Let Apathy Reign?


by Douglas Clark

I’m quite puzzled by our friends in the South. It seems that the marriage of a boy on social security to a lady from an estate is a big deal. And if this is anything to go by it would appear that dissent is being suppressed:

The English Defence League has already threatened to attack anyone who attempts to disrupt or disrespect the Royal Wedding. Why would residents of Camden want their streets to become a magnet for mobs of racists and soccer thugs? This proposed anti-Monarchist party is just a juvenile jape. Much wiser, and safer, to hold it on another day.

Cavaliers -v- Roundheads?

Apparently the wedding isn’t setting the heather on fire. The Herald had this to say:

Preparations for street parties to celebrate the latest royal wedding are in full swing – but Scotland’s response to the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton are still largely muted.


Glasgow City Council has confirmed it has yet to receive a single application for a street party, though it has had nine inquiries from residents seeking guidance on how to go about organising one.

Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness have not received any applications to close roads or for drinks or entertainment licences linked to the wedding either.

A large screen permanently on site in Edinburgh’s Festival Square will be showing the royal wedding, but no screens are being put up specially for the event in Scotland’s major cities.

Edinburgh and St Andrews are the only places to be showing signs of celebratory zeal.
Edinburgh City Council has received 13 applications and has been inundated with inquiries, according to a council spokeswoman, while St Andrews, where the couple met, is to hold an event for 2000 people.

A scattering of other festivals and parties are taking place around the country.

An event to be held at Dalmonach in the Vale of Leven is the only one West Dunbartonshire has received a formal application for, according to organiser Michelle Stewart. She said at least 400 people were expected.

She added that although the event would mark the wedding, it also aimed to unite the local community and would highlight an ongoing campaign to save a community centre from being shut by the council and revamp the local park.

Televisions inside the community centre will screen the weddicastle, home baking and stalls. West Dunbartonshire Council is providing £1000 to help fund the event, and is also being supported by local businesses.

Ms Stewart said people of all ages were getting involved. She said: “This is a royal wedding street party but it’s also an initiative to get a community that’s been fragmented back together.

“This is a council estate, it’s quite a deprived area and there are a lot of people who are out of work. There’s only the community centre, nothing else. We want to show that it can be a uniting influence.”

Sceptics and republicans are also gearing up. The Stand Comedy Club in Glasgow is hosting an alternative “celebration” with comics Bruce Morton, Sandy Nelson and Des Clarke. Proceeds from Off With Their Heads will go to Scottish Left Review, the left-wing magazine and website.

There is a substantial divergence between the two countries. Up here we can’t be bothered, down there some of them will take to the streets. I assume the event will be on the telly 24/7.

Given that the nuptials are on the 29th April, would it be worth enquiring whether or not our English chums intend to bedeck their street parties with Union Jacks or Crosses of St George?

If it is the latter, I expect it is worth a few percentage points to the SNP.