This Week’s Letters – 6th February 2011


Does Scotland have a party we can trust?

Let’s face it, the Scottish Government are just as bad as the UK Parliament when it comes to keeping promises.  Take our highly anticipated referendum over independence for example.

According to YouGov, the last opinion poll came in at only 34% saying yes to independence, showing that it probably would have been a waste of time to organise the referendum.  But is this change of heart a bad decision for the SNP?  For many Scots it has been, resulting in a lack of trust and confidence that the party can’t practice what they preach.

One area where the SNP gain respect is their determination to put Scotland’s education as a key priority.  With David Cameron (and sidekick Nick Clegg) pushing education cuts down south, we are lucky enough that our government are adamant that education in Scotland should be a free right.  However, we will still be affected by the cuts.

The future as it stands will see more students from down south fighting for places at Scotland’s colleges and universities. This competition will only draw more of a wedge and may even cause bitterness between the separate countries’ residents.

Hopefully this year’s elections will see parties bringing forward ideas which they will be able to stick to.  If Alex Salmond were to focus more on important concerns such as education, economy and health and not spend so much time trying to break away from the Union, they would gain a lot more respect as a party.

This Scottish election will bring a lot of uncertainty amongst voters.  Conservative Annabel Goldie will have a tough job on her hands to gain many votes after the uproar her party has caused down south with their proposed cuts.  This will also be the case for Lib Dem’s Tavish Scott, following Nick Clegg’s back-pedalling over student fees.

Labour leader Iain Gray has the potential to be a great leader.  It would also do him good to gain back Labour’s trust after the Tories like to tell everybody how they are “clearing up Labour’s mess”.  But is it too little too late?

The SSP have decent policies and worthwhile views but people don’t take them seriously with their laid-back approach.

So, with the elections looming it seems it could go any which way.  Let’s just hope a future Scotland brings us a party we can trust.

Kirsty Stewart, Student, Telford College


If I Stayed in Adelaide

If I stayed in Adelaide; with a deck-chair in the sun;
Would I fight so hard, for what they say cannot be won?
Yes! I’d get together with the other emigrants;
And tell them why we ought to have our independence.

Mind the clearances? Emigrants’ extreme.
They sailed with Gaelic tongues to horizon’s unknown dream;
And as they landed on the shore, so tired and so spent;
They must have wished old Alba was still independent.

Now history is history, no doubt it was cruel;
But we’re still being lied to; it’s the old divide and rule.
Poor, wee, useless country is the media’s pretence;
The truth will out when Alba finds her independence!

If I were elected, to Westminster in May;
To sit down on the seats, that make many Scots betray.
I couldn’t take their silver, no matter how immense;
Like the rogues who sold, our independence!

Ah! But I live in Alba, and I feel it every day;
It’s solid ground beneath me, she is here to stay.
So now I will not dither, no! Nor climb upon yon fence;
But tell you straight, I’m fighting for our independence!

Philip A Beag

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