Thoughts of an activist


by A.H.McMorrin

Not being able to sleep well sometime has its advantages.  It allows one to ruminate, cogitate and reflect.  (Apologies to Lallands Peat Worrier)

Firstly, the reflection.  I was a member of the SNP back in the heady days of Winnie Ewing and other memorable characters in 1974, not an activist just a keen supporter.  I had a young family and the pressures of work and participation in sport deflected my attentions.  I did “carry the card” proudly yet I had my head turned to Westminster, and would occassionaly spew forth my bile at some inappropriate act perpetrated by one party or another.  Like so many others, I lapsed.  A combination of a young family, sporting activities (rock-climbing through fishing to rugby and several others), a high-pressure job then ill-health was not a good mix to pursue political objectives.

To the point.  In the last ten years I had become increasingly dismayed at the state of our country until the SNP took over and ran it with a minority government.  Many, including myself, were sceptical, that they could achieve anything.  They did and more than I could have expected in my wildest dreams.  Throw in a banking collapse (I am a retired banker) the negativity of Labour and the worrying spectre of how the Westminster coalition are robbing the most vulnerable to pay for the excesses of a few, then look at the SNP’s record through difficult times and we have, I truly believe got a mature grown-up style of politics.  Prepared to negotiate with other parties whilst not diluting objectives, well most parties, one in particular seems to wish only to obstruct, obfuscate and carp.  Now I wonder who that party can be.

This led me to rise from my malaise and when a relation pointed me in the direction of Newsnet Scotland I became galvanised again culminating in me re-joining the SNP last year.  This time however, not just as a member, as an activist.  Well I use the word activist loosely as my contributions are done from a sedentary position, preparing databases, stuffing envelopes (I can hear the activist foot soldiers shouting – ah now that’s one of the so and so’s who prepare our work).  Believe me, I wish I could chap doors, meet people and have the banter, no doubt many of you have.  Alas my health does not permit me, so it is the mundane tasks for me.  The information, the discussion, the banter, the humour, yes even the trolls on this site have opened a whole new world for me.  I also realise that there are followers of other parties who are prepared to lend the SNP their vote for the greater prize.

However, I add a word of caution.  The major protagonists in this election are unquestionably the SNP and Labour and they will not go down without a fight.  They will try to cling onto their seats like a barnacle to a rock – witness Gordon Brown’s increasingly desperate machinations to stay in power at last year’s General Election. There are some of the more duplicitous and devious members at Westminster yet to show themselves.  That is of a concern to me.  Time will tell.

The prize is there, I can smell it and I want to taste it and yes the Ultimate prize is there as well – a majority government. So it’s “heid doon” , “pedal to the metal” as they say, dismiss the lies, rhetoric and dissemination of misinformation, tread the streets, make the phone calls, tell your friends, donate if you can at and oh yes stuff the envelopes.

Let us salute the candidates, the agents, the organisers,  the foot soldiers who weekend in – weekend out are out trudging around their prospective constituencies not making any assumptions as to “it’s a done deal” as a certain other party would leave people to believe.

Finally, I was urged to get of my fat erse (an expression used by many of the erstwhile contributors) last Saturday and go and see the aforesaid candidates, agents, organisers, foot soldiers “Galloway Girls” there were a couple of lads as well, at the town’s harbour square.  After a hard days door chapping and letterbox stuffing I was really lifted when I saw their enthusiasm, their positivity and their general good humour and yes I did tell them that I was an envelope stuffer.

Me I’m now proud to be an activist and a Cybernat.  Go on you know you want to be one too.