Tom Harris handed ‘new technology’ role by Johann Lamont


By a Newsnet reporter
Labour MP Tom Harris has been handed the role of reviewing how the party utilises technology in its election campaigns.
Mr Harris, who came last in the recent Scottish leadership contest, is to work with Labour MSP Richard Baker who is the party’s Holyrood spokesman for capital investment and infrastructure.

The only MP to stand in the leadership contest Mr Harris was given the new role by new Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, he will report his findings to deputy Scottish leader and fellow MP Anas Sarwar.

Mr Harris caused controversy recently after claiming that the party in Scotland had a less than fifty per cent chance of survival.

Speaking in the Sunday Times, the outspoken Labour MP insisted the party had to change or die and said:

“I still think there is less than a 50% chance that the Scottish Labour party will survive,” he added. “If it does, it could survive in much the same way that the national football team survives – it’s there, but it’s not making much of an impact.”

The Labour MP took issue with Newsnet Scotland after we reported his comments, Mr Harris claimed that Newsnet Scotland had lied by saying the Sunday Times comments came after the election of Johann Lamont.

Mr Harris is known to be a keen user of the internet in order to communicate and engage.  However his use of twitter and at times uncompromising language has led rows with other users of the online social media.

In October he was forced to back down after claiming that SNP protestors had held up “anti-English” banners showing the phrase “End English rule”.

Photographs however showed the banner actually said “End London Rule”, a reference to the London based Westminster Parliament.