Trade Unionists for Independence meeting


Trade Unionists for Independence will hold a public meeting to discuss ‘The Workers’ case for Independence’ in the Piper on the Square Bar, George Square, Glasgow, this Wednesday 20th November at 6.30pm

An important gathering of Scottish trade unionists takes place in Glasgow city centre on Wednesday evening, when the broad-based Trade Unionists for Independence (TUFI) holds a public meeting on “the workers’ case for independence”.
A panel of speakers from several unions and workplaces will argue that workers need independence to improve their wages, job prospects, conditions and rights at work, as well as to help shape a more equal society for future generations.

TUFI steering group member and chair of the meeting, Richie Venton, today said:

“TUFI was established 16 months ago as a broad-based campaign of trade unionists in several political parties and none. Its purpose is to help ensure democratic debate on the Referendum in the trade unions, but also to help shape Scotland after 18 September 2014 in favour of the working class majority population.

“We appeal to workers to attend this public meeting regardless of how they intend to vote next September, to discuss the issues as they affects them as workers.

“Recent events make this meeting all the more important. Westminster rule is by the millionaires, for the millionaires. Cameron has announced ‘permanent austerity’ for workers and the services they provide to communities, whilst the richest 1% get even richer.

“Westminster rule by the millionaires means the slaughter of shipyard jobs, with cynical attempts to prevent resistance by divide and rule tactics. It means shipyard workers being held hostage by Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael and Better Together MP Ian Davidson, whose ransom note to the Scottish people says ‘Vote No to self-government next year or these jobs are dead’!

“Westminster rule by and for the millionaires means vicious anti-union laws designed to cripple the resistance of Grangemouth workers – whose conditions were slaughtered by a billionaire gangster capitalist, who held a rocket launcher to their head, holding Scotland to ransom by closing the giant petrochemical plant, demanding taxpayers’ money and workers’ wage cuts to subsidise his already obscene profits.

“This public meeting will have a panel of speakers from the postal workers’ union who are facing up to the terrible consequences of Royal Mail privatisation; leading elected shop stewards in the GMB and USDAW fighting for a Yes vote despite the totally undemocratic imposition of a No position by their national union leaders; the PCS Young Members’ vice chair arguing for independence in her unions’ national consultation of members; and a member of the STUC Youth Committee on why young workers need both unions and Scottish independence.

“We don’t want a Yes vote so we can change flags; we want it to change the system.

“We want the powers to eradicate poverty pay and zero hours contracts, to abolish the anti-union laws and enshrine the best workers’ rights in Europe in Scotland’s constitution, and to take the likes of shipyards, Grangemouth and all services into democratic public ownership – to end the Tory millionaires’ dictatorship over the Scottish working class.”