Trade Unionists for Independence public meeting on “Why workers need independence”


The Trade Unionists for Independence (TUFI) campaign has announced it is to host a public meeting where a panel of trade union activists will advocate that the STUC and individual trade unions should openly campaign for a YES vote in the independence referendum.

The group argue that in order to give the Scottish working class majority the opportunity to be permanently rid of unelected Westminster governments which assault workers’ pay, jobs, pensions and workplace rights then independence must be endorsed by Scotland’s trade unionists.

The meeting will be held tomorrow, Thursday 21st March 7pm at Renfield St Stephens Church Centre, 260 Bath St, Glasgow.

The panel of speakers include a young trade unionist, a civil servant who helped lead the strike of 250,000 workers today, and Kenny Logan, branch treasurer of the 4,000-strong Scotland no 2 branch of the Communication Workers Union, which recently voted to affiliate to TUFI.

Speaking to Newsnet Scotland, TUFI Steering Group member Richie Venton said:

“On the backs of another millionaires’ Budget, and the day after 30,000 Scottish civil service workers went on strike against the concerted assault on their pay, jobs, pensions and workplace rights, workers in every union need to look at what kind of Scotland we want after 2014.

“TUFI does not want more of the same wealth transfusion from the neediest to the greediest, from the millions to the millionaires, under a Westminster dictatorship with no mandate to rule and ruin Scotland.

“But neither do we advocate a YES vote so that nothing changes. We want a radical change in the balance of power and wealth in an independent Scotland – with repeal of the anti-union laws, a decent Living Wage guaranteed to all over 16, and taxation of big business and the rich to fund jobs, public services and immediate increases to the pensions and benefits of those unable to work.

“The case for a Scotland where the working class majority has the opportunity to elect a government with the powers and political will to transform the lives of the millions, instead of feeding the profits of the millionaires, is rapidly gathering support.

“Every new attack from George Osborne, Cameron and Clegg adds weight to the case for independence as a means of breaking the grip of the Westminster razor gang over our lives.”