Twitter helping Islay children with accordion plea


By a Newsnet reporter
The positive power of social networking is being shown close to home where it is helping to provide musical instruments for the children of Islay.
The children had received funding for accordion lessons in traditional Scottish music.  The funding was to cover the cost of the lessons which were being organised by Feis Ile (Islay Feis).

Dunoon Accordion club generously loaned them some instruments, but the club itself has grown and had to take the instruments back for its own players.

The children were in need of six instruments when in stepped Christine MacIntyre, Feis Development Officer, who decided to use the power of twitter to appeal for discarded or unloved accordions suitable for children.

Starting only on Thursday, retweets brought 3 accordions within a couple of days but the children are looking for three more.

Christine said “The request yielded 3 accordions but they still need 3 more so I’m still asking people to ReTweet.

“Interesting however just how powerful a tool social media is and how it can be turned into good by the generosity of others.  If tweeting can get the 3 remaining accordions that would indeed be fantastic.  All help this far has been greatly appreciated by youngsters.”

To retweet, you can visit Newsnet Scotland on twitter where you will see the tweet or visit Christine’s page directly

If you are not on twitter you can still help by getting in touch with Christine by email