Twitter ye not … if you upset George Galloway


Those of you who follow our twitter feed may be aware that a few days ago our very own snowthistle was puzzled when her twitter account was blocked by George Galloway, Respect MP for Bradford West.

Snowie, as she likes to be known, was puzzled because she hadn’t used inappropriate language, she hadn’t insulted anyone and could genuinely not think of any reason that Mr Galloway would wish to block her account.

We’re not sure why Snowie’s account was blocked either.  She had suggested that £12 was a bit steep to hear a political lecture from the outspoken MP who does not support independence and asked if the audience could expect to hear new and exciting arguments in favour of the union for their money –

snowthistle ‏@snowthistle17 Oct
@georgegalloway @mcglinchey94 £12 seems a bit stiff, will there be new arguments in favour of union to stimulate debate?

She’d also recently posted links to Mr Galloway’s The State of Britain lecture at Oxford University Union and suggested Mr Galloway had made a very good case for independence in his lecture.  Was this, she wondered, the reason for the apparent provoking of the MP’s wrath?

snowthistle ‏@snowthistle27 Oct
@georgegalloway gives state of Britain address at Oxford. If can ignore halting delivery he makes fine case for #indy

When she tweeted a post expressing her puzzlement Snowie discovered that she was not a member of an exclusive club but that, in fact, many of the independence supporting twitterati were in a similar state of puzzlement as to the reasons for their accounts being blocked by Galloway. (You can even get a twibbon saying “Blocked by George Galloway”)

Anyway, here at Newsnet Scotland we aim to please, so we wanted to let those of you who would like to see Mr Galloway but agree with Snowie that £12 is a bit steep, that you can now get a Groupon deal.

You can get two tickets for the price of one for the show – ‘Just Say Naw’ – at Dundee’s Whitehall Theatre on 9th November.  At the time of writing 15 tickets had been sold so you better be quick to avoid disappointment.

Newsnet Scotland did want to tweet Mr Galloway to enquire as to the circumstances that led to him blocking snowthistle’s account but we couldn’t because ….. he has blocked our account too.