UK Childcare costs second highest of Top 20 OECD Countries


  The SNP is today highlighting new research which finds that childcare costs faced by families in the UK are among the highest in the OECD.
The research, from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre, finds that families in the UK spend 27 per cent of their income on childcare.

This is more than double the percentage of income spent in many other small independent countries – families in Sweden spend 5 per cent of income on childcare, while in Finland the figure is 8 per cent, France is 10 per cent and Norway is 11 per cent.

The new research, say the SNP, highlights the necessity of a transformational reform of childcare in Scotland – which is only possible after a Yes vote, as confirmed by former Chair of Scottish Enterprise, Professor Sir Donald MacKay.

Commenting, SNP MSP George Adam said:
“This new evidence shows that families across Scotland are paying through the nose for this vital service – it is absolutely ridiculous that ordinary families would need to spend more than a quarter of their income to provide full time childcare.
“Westminster is failing Scotland’s children and the limited powers of devolution won’t allow us to change this. Labour’s childcare plans are a pale imitation of the real action families in Scotland want to see.
“With a Yes vote we will have the power to truly transform childcare – benefiting around 240,000 children in their early years, helping to get more parents back into work and making sure that the tax revenue from increased economic activity is reinvested in Scotland’s future rather than flowing to the Treasury in London.”