UK government attacked over Tuition fees


Edinburgh University Students and the Court of the University of Edinburgh have joined forces in order to condemn the UK government for the situation over tuition fees.

A joint statement said the two bodies are “deeply concerned” by the negative impact of the new higher education policies of the UK coalition.

The joint statement said: “We ask the UK Government to reconsider and then substantially revise the unsustainable policies which have introduced instability across the UK university sector.”

“We ask the UK Government to work with universities, the student movement and the Scottish Government to build a system which maintains the quality of university education, which has a much greater emphasis on fairness of access and which ensures higher education is available to all those who are capable of it – not simply those who can afford to pay.”

Matthew McPherson, president of Edinburgh University Students’ Association, said: “The University of Edinburgh and our students are united in our criticism of the UK Government’s new policies on education and are deeply concerned at what effect they will have on students throughout the UK.”

“The Edinburgh University Students’ Association fundamentally disagrees with the decision to set fees of £36,000, but where we do agree with the university is that it was forced to do something to stop Scottish students being squeezed out.”

Robin Parker, president of NUS Scotland, said: “We cannot forgive the University of Edinburgh for going above and beyond anything we’ve seen down south when setting the highest tuition fees in all of the UK. However, we welcome this call asking Westminster to recognise the damage its policies are having on university education.”