Union legend backs Salmond for First Minister


Tommy Brennan, one of Scotland’s great trade union leaders, has endorsed Alex Salmond’s re-election as First Minister – citing Mr Salmond’s “inspiring goal” to re-industrialise Scotland by leading the world in renewables energy technology.

Mr Brennan was Works Convener of the Ravenscraig Shop Stewards, and the man who led the fight to save the Scottish steel industry in the 1980s 1990s.  He worked at the Lanarkshire steel plant for 31 years until 1991.

Mr Brennan said: “Alex Salmond’s vision for Scotland is one all Scots should support. I’m delighted to endorse him for a second term as First Minister.

“I remember only too well the pain caused by the de-industrialisation of Scotland under the Tories in the 1980s and 1990s, and believe that Alex Salmond’s ambition to re-industrialise Scotland by leading the renewables energy revolution is an insipring goal for young Scots and for jobs and industry in the 21st century.”

Alex Salmond said: “Tommy is a Scottish trade union legend, and I warmly welcome his personal endorsement.  It is wonderful that he shares our vision of Scotland leading the world in the green energy technologies of the 21st century, so that we can re-industrialise our nation in this age, and build jobs and skills and ambition for our young people.”