Unprecedented Curriculum for Excellence hailed as ‘spectacular’


Scotland’s new curriculum is being hailed as a model for other countries to follow with two renowned international experts praising the Curriculum for Excellence.

Richard Gerver, co-founder of the International Curriculum Foundation, described Curriculum for Excellence as ‘spectacular’.

He then went on to emphasise the need to trust in the passion and professionalism of teachers – key features on the new curriculum.

Eric Booth, a well known international educator and author, said the changes were ‘historically unprecedented’ and described Scotland as a world leader in creative education.

Mr Booth said Curriculum for Excellence is an unbelievable accomplishment and Scotland has the raw material in place that everyone in the world envies.

Education Secretary Michael Russell said:

“I know the majority of Scots involved in education are enthusiastic about Curriculum for Excellence. To see such knowledge, awareness and support for these exciting developments among international experts is fantastic.

“Such positive comments from well know educationalists such as Eric Booth and Richard Gerver reaffirms my belief that Curriculum for Excellence is what our education system needs and is exactly the right course of action.

“This also shows that the eyes of many countries are on Scotland and taking a keen interest in the improvements that Curriculum for Excellence is making in our country. I know that we have the teachers and leaders in our schools to make the most of the opportunities of the new curriculum and show Scotland in the best possible light.”

The International expert contributions included:

‘Creating Tomorrow’s Schools Today’ – Richard Gerver. Mr Gerver is co-founder of the International Curriculum Foundation, which helps schools and authorities around the world to develop education systems that reflect the challenges facing our children in their future. He has a background in education and has been described as one of the most inspirational leaders of his generation. His keynote address to the Scottish Learning Festival explored the process of curriculum design, provoking the questions that schools need to generate if they are to develop curriculum approaches that are fit for the future.

“Creativity as Catalyst: Manifesting the Potential of the Curriculum for Excellence’ – Professor Eric Booth. Mr Booth is an international educator, author, programme designer and American creativity consultant. Eric is also an enthusiast for the ambition of Curriculum for Excellence. Booth detailed some of the research and realities of bringing creativity into the habits of mind and daily practices of students and teachers, as well as into the atmosphere of a school and the evaluation practices of a school system.