Victory for campaigners as MoD withdraws Cape Wrath buyout


Welcoming reports that the MoD have withdrawn their plans to take over 50 acres of land at Scotland’s iconic Cape Wrath for military activity – SNP MSP Rob Gibson said this was a victory for the community who have stood up to the MoD and put forward alternative plans to take over the land for the community.

The land, around the iconic lighthouse, is the last tract of land around Cape Wrath which is not already owned by the Ministry of Defence. 

The MoD’s major land-holdings in the area are used as a bombing range.  For many years, large parts of the region are out of bounds to the public when military exercises are taking place.

Fears were raised that the MoD’s acquisition of the land would restrict public access to the scenic headland for a large part of the year, damaging the economy of a district where tourism is an important source of income for many residents.

Rob Gibson MSP said:

“This is a fantastic victory for the people of Durness and across the surrounding area of the North West Highlands. It shows the MOD can no longer try and get away with running roughshod over the people and land of rural Scotland.

“Durness people can now get on and plan a secure development, building towards a stronger local economy. With the Cape Wrath Challenge due this coming week it can act a catalyst for new confidence in the local economy.

“I hope the MoD will confirm reports that it has abandoned its bid for Cape Wrath as soon as possible.

“Community ownership is the best way forward for Cape Wrath, the northern destination of the Scottish National Trail.”