Video showcase: PERSPECTIVE 1 and ‘Jock Tamson’s Bairns’


The Scottish politics and arts video magazine PERSPECTIVE presents its first edition with a programme packed with insights, issues and even a few laughs.

This first episode, of a planned six, showcases just some of the huge talent available in Scotland, addressing  social issues all too often ignored.

The production team at Phantom Power want to give a voice to the under-represented and misrepresented. So this episode’s host, Christina from Germany, reflects on her experiences as a EU national during the Brexit storm. We want to encourage others to engage in our new media and will be making our Mevo ‘pocket tv studio’ camera system available soon. This will be available to hire very cheaply anywhere in Scotland, especially remote areas who tend to miss out on the political dialogue.

The programme includes a second instalment of Reel Politik with Shaun Milne and written by Mark McLachlan featuring 1980s’ instant classic A Very British Coup, a film that shares uncanny parallels with our politics today. There follows a short intermission with plug for Channel V’s season preview (similarities with Channel 5 purely concidental).

In The Politics of Food, culinary maestro David Taylor explores Scotland’s food bank explosion with Mark Frankland at Firstbase in Dumfries. Why does a country with so much in the larder have thousands struggling to feed themselves?

As Scottish Football lurches from crisis to crisis we think we have identified the problem: not enough women. In this collaboration with legendary Bonnie Prince Bob the Welsh warrior princess, Gamma Ray Dali goes boldly into this male-dominated world and…well see for yourself. Nobody works harder than Loki in supporting our overlooked communities. Here he engages the young people of Glasgow’s Milton in the art of rapping, and we play out with their special performance. is a partner of PERSPECTIVE, and will be running each episode on our site. The show continues to evolve and there are plans to produce dedicated films on the big issues facing Scotland, including EU/Brexit and Scotland’s energy future.

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