Voters meet First Minister as SNP campaign hits top gear


The SNP election campaign was keeping up the positive message to the end today with announcements….

The SNP election campaign was keeping up the positive message to the end today with announcements on council house building, arguing on behalf of small businesses and the First Minister addressing issues raised by ordinary voters in Glasgow.

A building programme at Mains Loan South Dundee was opened by Scottish Government Housing Minister Alex Neil. The development will consist of seven new family homes and three accessible houses for wheelchair-users, and Dundee City Council has announced plans to build a further 60 new homes in the area. 

SNP MSP for Dundee West Joe Fitzpatrick said:
“The start of a new era of council house building in Dundee is a cause for celebration. Thanks to an SNP government that has made it a priority to provide a new generation of council housing, and an SNP-led council that has enthusiastically embraced that opportunity, the shortage of affordable homes in the city is finally being addressed. 

“These new houses will be built to the highest modern standards, providing tenants with noise insulation, energy efficiency, lower carbon emissions and lower fuel bills. Disabled people and carers in Dundee will also be delighted to hear of the council’s commitment to build more accessible homes, designed to make independent living as easy as possible. 

“Dundee City Council’s house-building programme will also create jobs and provide much-needed support for the construction industry in the city. 

In the last year, the SNP has provided local authorities with £75 million to build 2,300 new council houses and also aim to ensure that the homes will be available to future generations by ending the Tory introduced ‘right to buy’.

Scottish Businesses
Meanwhile SNP leader and First Minister Alex Salmond attacked David Cameron’s hypocrisy after it was revealed that special plans were being considered that will allow Northern Ireland to reduce its corporation tax but no such changes will be allowed in Scotland.

Commenting Mr Salmond said:
“We support moves to help economic growth in Northern Ireland – but  this is staggering hypocrisy from David Cameron and the Tories.

“They  are determined to slash and burn Scotland’s budget by introducing a  special Cameron Cut that will be even more savage than the cuts they  plan for the rest of the UK – but at the same time they are promising a  boost to Northern Ireland through lower corporation tax, a move they  reject for Scotland.

“The Tories are utterly two-faced on this issue, and are reverting  to type in what is a typically anti-Scottish stance that will kill off  the last remnants of their lingering support in Scotland.

“Perhaps  David Cameron is trying to make amends for suggesting that Northern  Ireland is the first place he plans to ‘pick’ on if he is given the  chance, by slashing their budget.

“There is no doubt that that is what he has in mind for Scotland –  and only a vote for SNP local and national champions can help protect  Scotland from the savage cuts agenda of the Tories and the other London  parties.”

Ordinary Voters
The First Minister also met with voters from Glasgow’s East end where he answered questions at a special community event, hosted by Elaine C Smith.

The event at “The Bridge” on Westerhouse Road, saw voters quiz the First Minster directly on the issues that mattered to them.

Commenting on the event, Elaine C. Smith who put the questions to the First Minister said:

“This event was a fantastic opportunity for voters to ask anything and everything to the First Minister.

“At this event, and in this election campaign as a whole, the SNP has been shown to really listen to communities and react to their concerns – and this is exactly what they’ll do at Westminster.”