Wave power milestone as Pelamis sets sail for Orkney


By a Newsnet reporter

Following its manufacture and testing in Leith, ScottishPower Renewables’ new P2 Pelamis wave power device has set sail for the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney where it will undergo further trials.

The installation at EMEC will be the first time that the P2 machine has been tested anywhere in the world and also represents the UK’s first commercial supply contract within the marine energy sector.

SNP Energy Spokesperson Mike Weir MP described it as a milestone in Pelamis’ development which underlined the continued progress Scotland is making attracting international corporations with renewables innovations.

International corporations Gamesa, Mitsubishi, Respol, Doosan and Masdar have all recently announced plans to invest in Scotland’s renewables sector.

Commenting, Mr Weir said:

“This is a milestone in the development of Pelamis.  It is down to the hard work and innovation of all involved who should be congratulated on their success.

“It comes as no surprise that global companies see the real, tangible, profitable appeal investing in Scotland brings.  We have an abundance of natural resources perfectly suited to grasp a renewable energy revolution with both hands.

“With an already enviable portfolio of renewable investors who have been attracted to Scotland, I have absolute confidence that more will be drawn to our shores.

“We know that the international market believes investment in Scotland will continue, regardless of our constitutional future, and anyone who supposes otherwise needs to look at the facts.

“In the current economic circumstances, capital investment must be a priority in both the public and private sector – but let’s not forget that renewables will not only help us tackle climate change, a low carbon economy will create 130,000 jobs by 2020.”

Pelamis is 180 metres long – or as long as the Gherkin building in London is tall – and weighs approximately 1,500 tonnes.  It was formally launched in May last year by First Minister Alex Salmond and is capable of generating 750kW of renewable energy.