We are back online


By Russell Bruce

The Newsnet website has been down for a few days and we apologise for our temporary absence. A plug-in was causing a problem but our back room IT expert also found a bunch of unexplained code. You may know him as Lindsay Bruce of ayeMail. When the mass of unwanted code was removed the site came back online instantly. It does look as if Newsnet is an inconvenience to someone somewhere. If the stories we carry are upsetting to our opponents then it is obvious the threat posed by our narratives are undermining their own ingrained bias.

Newsnet is one of the oldest indy blogs and we intend being around for the longterm. To this end we are expanding our team of writers and plan to bring more to add to the two recent additions.

Stay with us. Together we have a country to reclaim and place firmly on the world stage and at the very centre of European politics.